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Research Staff

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The staff who formed the core of the establishment at Baddow represented a wide range of disciplines which reflected the extensive research topics addressed.



Bernard de Neumann, himself a prominent mathematician, remembers many of his colleagues:


George Millington - applied mathematician, did important work in the propagation area
Denis Brockington - mathematical physicist
Mike Telford - theoretician, brother of Sir Robert Telford.
George Grisdale - led Communications Research, taking over from George Millington - after he retired he curated the Marconi Collection
Frank Dutton - engineer, led antenna research
John Mark - took over leading antenna research from Frank Dutton
Jozef Skwirzynski - applied mathematician, led Mathematical Physics and Circuitry Group, later Theoretical Support Services - a whizz on filter design and author of book on filter design (obituary)
J Zdunek - Filter design specialist - initially worked with Skwirzynski
Janos Bodonyi - antenna design specialist - many patents.
Franco Immerzi - physicist, expert on "extreme" electronic engineering.
Doug Shinn - radio astronomer and antenna specialist
W K Baker - editor of Marconi Review - author of History of Marconi Co.
S Goodenough - Chief Librarian
Ted Easteal - Chief Librarian following Goodenough
Peter Brandon - mathematician - involved with CHIRP radar - in 1945 took Chair in Electrical Engineering at Cambridge.
Denis Byatt - physicist - assistant Director of Research - optics and development of LCD applications. [ LCDs were invented in Baddow as "light valves"].
David Speake - physicist - Director of Research in succession to Eastwood.
Eric Eastwood - physicist - Director of Research at Baddow - President of the IEE. After he retired returned to Baddow as a consultant.
Steve Rotherham - mathematician - expert on theory of E-M propagation - winner of GEC Gold medal.
Doug Paynter - engineer - Head of Comms after Grisdale.
Drayton Palmer - mathematician - leader in the application of statistics at Baddow.
John Thackeray - mathematician - good at extracting patterns and waveforms by eye from a few noisy data-points.
Digby Worthy - mathematician - involvement with TAC [Transistorised Automatic Computer]
Norman Huttley - mathematician - specialist statistician
RA "Dickie" Waldron - mathematician, microwave theory specialist - had own "Theory of Relativity"
John Ramsay - mathematician - Fourier Transforms applied to antenna theory - obituary
Peter Wright - engineer. Spycatcher, son of Marconi Chief Engineer, worked on microwave devices at Baddow
Matthew Radford - antenna specialist - phased arrays
Christopher Cockerill - engineer - inventor of the hovercraft, which he did in his spare time.




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